Bothering ATC Again

Hello, IFC

About a year ago, I visited the tower at LFPN and had a blast! So this time, i decided to do the same at LFPL :)
Since today was quite gloomy, I decided to call one of the controllers and ask if I could come have a look. I had a little hour long ATC-watching session which was pretty fun!

LFPL (Lognes Emerainville Airport) is a relatively small airport east of Paris with 2 runways and a fairly rudimentary control tower. These small airports are what I love, they are full of passionate people and I find it much more humane and interesting than massive airports.

Anyways, here are the pictures! I tried my best to remove all the possibly private/secret info from the images and I think I removed all private information but if you see anything that seems suspicious in these photos, please send me a DM :)

A lil’ Piper PA28

Another lil’ Piper PA28

A B58 Baron that has seen some better days

The interior of said B58

A view of the airport from the tower, where the main parking, fuel pumps and heli parks are visible

A screen displaying the surrounding flights

The atis recorder and transmitter

And last but not least, a view of the west side of the airport…

Thank you very much to all Air Traffic Controllers, you people are wonderful and have my complete respect and admiration!

Thank you for having a look at these photos! Sorry about the iPhone quality…



Nice shots, not bad for iPhone lol


I always admire the electrical installations of light aircrafts



Cool stuff!