Boston to Atlanta: My first FNF flight

These were taken during the Friday Night Flight on March 20th on Expert server. I used the callsign Southwest 1095 with the aircraft 737-700. Enjoy!

Taking off from Boston Logan International:

Flying over the Appalachian Mountains:

Starting decent over Western South Carolina:

On final, runway 27L:

Pretty nice arrival into Atlanta:

(These are raw photos so it follows the rules.)


hope you enjoyed your first FNF and had some fun!

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I had so much fun! Kind of nervous, being my first FNF, but my confidence has boosted!

Congrats on your first FNF!

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Thank you! In fact, I think I saw you during the flight.

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Congratulations with your first FNF, hope you enjoyed it😄
Nice pictures too👏😃

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Thank you!

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Oh awesome! I flew AUS-ATL this morning

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My first FNF flight was over a year ago from Cleveland to Chicago on Casual Server. They are so fun!

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Nice man! They are fun.

Saw you on my way to KIAD. Hope you had a good flight, congrats on your first FNF!


Congrats man now you know how it’s done!! Next time will be a little easier :)

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I did see you!

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I’m sure it will be easier.

wow nice pics. Even i did my first fnf flight yesterday and was so much fun. I flew delta 787 with call sign delta 69 from jfk to atl. Boy the traffic was so intense at atlanta. I saw 2 runways jam packed with over 8 planes lined up taxing for takeoff. Something new I noticed first time that there were 2 approaches,2 tower and 2 departures. Wow man can’t wait for next such event. Also i am currently on a flight from salt lake city to atlanta on expert server currently flying over denver 2 hours away from atlanta with call sign delta 69 username mjmnmjmn. See you all. Keep flying.

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Yeah the two approaches and such threw me off for a second. It makes sense, give the heavy traffic. Hope you have a good flight man!

thank you brother… Are you flying today?

I’m about to go to bed. I will be in the air tomorrow though.

great gn sd tc brother

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Thank you.