Boston “Tea” Party

Who ever was controlling Boston Center/Approach/Tower, great job today. I was Endevor 4677 in the CRJ 700. Y’all made it nice and smooth. Had to go around, cause I wasn’t paying attention to my speed and crept up on the person in front of me, with that almost had a low fuel issue so I was nervous Approach was gonna stick me in the back of the line and then I’d have to declare an emergency, but to my joy he slid me right back on in there. The only difficulty was landing, since it was a very wind day at Boston.


I think your controller who was approach was @Ethan_Hansen!

I’m happy to see that you had great service from him!


I’m glad you had a good experience. I always try to put the Missed/GA aircraft in as soon as I can because they already flew the entire approach.


Well I’m glad it all worked out. Thank you.

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I haven’t flown on the servers in a few weeks now, but I remember watching AviatorDan’s stream on Friday & Ethan was controlling there as well. Props to you @Ethan_Hansen for controlling, things looked really fun and amazing, hope I can fly soon when you’re controlling :)

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