Boston Spotting May 21, 2019

Hey IFC! I haven’t been active for a while but I wanted to show some shots from my last spotting trip so you guys can see how I have improved. Enjoy and please leave feedback!

image image image


Oh woah! Amazing!

Seemed to be the perfect weather for it as well!

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Great Shots!! Amazing that you got TAP “Portugal Stopover”, Hainan and Korean Air as well, very bright, colorful and vivid liveries making the picture really stand-out and look marvelous 😍

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Nice shot of the Hainan A350-900! I haven’t had a chance to spot it since the recent upgrade from the 787-9.

Just wait until June. Emirates starts sending the A380 daily on the 1st and Royal Air Maroc starting in the latter half of the month. It’s gonna be an even busier place.

Absolutely love that livery. We’ve gotten it a bunch over the past few weeks. Can’t wait for them to bring the A330-900neo in July. 😍

That’ll be a sight to see. Can’t wait to see pictures of them at BOS 😍

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Thanks! It was perfect weather. I’m gonna try to avoid bad weather from now on.

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Thank you! Yes I love the colorful liveries as well

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Thanks man! This was my first time catching the ole A350. Don’t know how I feel about the Emirates A380, I might rather keep the 77W. And I cannot wait for Royal Air Maroc! Also didn’t know TAP was sending the A330neo this summer, that’ll be cool

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Yes it will

Bro, these shots are awesome!

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Great shots! 😁

very nice shots

Thanks man!

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Much appreciated

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Thank you 😃

These are amazing! I especially love the Korean Air 787!

Some seriously good pics, bud. Keep up the work!

Thanks, that one is probably my favorite!

Thanks dude!

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Yessss I can’t wait either. They are bringing the 787-9 for the inaugural and after a few days they will downgrade it to the -8.

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