Boston region

Who thinks the Boston region would be a nice add?


Could include KBOS, KPVD, KBDL, and KPWM.

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Providence, Hyannis, Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Cod Airfield, Chatham Airport, Katama Airpark, Falmouth Airpark. Otis AFB too. Love the Cape.

PVC, HYA, ACK, MVY, 2B1, CQX, 1B2, 5B6.

Great island hopping with a potential Cessna 402C. Funnest flight you’ll have in ages.


Maybe merge with new york! I also love Boston.

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I really like Boston, so yeah! :D

Would make for some fun flights, you could fly KJFK-KBOS.

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How about KPSM and KMHT in New Hampshire?

Ya maybe it could even be the New England region

It could also include KOWD and KEWB.

Yes it should ! I actually fly out of KOWD often

Love love love this idea! The cape is an awesome spot for flying, plus if it could connect with NY, the longer flights would be perfect!

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That’s my home airport. I sometime walk through the woods to get to the MIRLs at the end of runway 35.

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Yeah, adding a boston region would be really nice, since i live like 50 minutes from boston, it would be cool for me to fly “over my house” in the game

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As a fellow Bostonian, I agree that we need this region to be added.

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It would be nice to have KBOS!

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I agree, I think that if the Boston region was added, it should also stretch out to Worcester so KORH could be included also.

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And what about KORH in Worecter?

We bostonians need this

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A global soon no need for this topic