Boston Logan Tower


Great pictures! Thanks for sharing.


Fellow Boston resident I see.Nice photos!Seemed like a Beautiful day


Not actually a resident, just visited ;) I live up in the middle of nowhere, VT


It’s good to see from a controllers perspective every once and a while.


I wish they had let me take pictures inside the actual tower, but it’s a security thing 🤷‍♂️ It would have been pretty dark though because they have serious anti-sun glass up there.


Oh man, what a view! 😍

I’m a resident as well and absolutely love Logan. If I remember correctly, the Emirates A380 was sent from São Paulo at the last minute to cover the previous nights cancelled flight (BOS-DXB). It was related to some fiasco with the Chicago flight which was also cancelled due to an emergency but nonetheless, it was cool seeing two Emirates aircraft on the ground. We only get the 777-300ER daily.


Wow 38 likes thanks you guys :) didn’t think people would like the pictures this much

Edit: Make that 43 :)


Wait, since when has Emirates used the A380 at KBOS, I know BA uses it 3 times a week, but EK?


@hi15td Nathan explained it above ;)

I think I answered your question


Huh, guess that makes sense.


If you want to know more about it, you can always PM me. :)


Center is in Laconia


Interesting, I’ve flown there from my home airport in a C172 lol


Wait are you sure? I just looked it up and it says it’s in Nashua.


Wait nevermind. It is Nashua. Laconia is the backup 911 call center.


Oh how I miss working there! BA, LH, and EK were all using A380s at one point. We used to get Singapore Airlines diversions too. Also, A380s.