Boston Logan (KBOS) (CLOSED) (TS1)

Looking for some practise TS1 feedback is appreciated!

coming with a buddy :)

On my way. Seen you soon!

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Suggestion: I requested pattern work, which you cleared me for. While on final you made me do a random go around, which made no sense. The pilot landing should normally have priority. Then you cleared me to land, not for a touch and go. I just suggest that you decide whether your doing pattern work or not before the pilot takes off. Thanks, Ill continue to fly here and give suggestions :)



Yeah I made a bad mistake American 57 came onto the runway then went back virgin 5 was coming in he didn’t contact the tower so I had to tell you to go around for another approach he was coming in and left at the last second

Ok, that makes more sense. I didn’t know a plane was already on the runway, and when I looked virgin 5 was nowhere to be seen, lol.

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Thanks to everyone who came I enjoyed it I’ll be definetly doing more and takeing everything on board :)

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Back open everyone welcome to practice aswell fly commerically !

I’m opening now ts1 everyone is welcome

3 Days And still Open??? I couldn’t manage that…

Cough You might wanna put CLOSED in your title Cough

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Is it just me who cant find atc at KBOS? … :/

Something important came up I haven’t been active for 3 days so I couldn’t change it your comments weren’t needed

Back open tower and ground everyone welcome

Back open ts1 everyone welcome

to who ever this was sorry I couldn’t give you instructions

@Joeoreilly77 Just signed on, but you were not there

I’m just restarting my game :) you can still come 👍🏻

( CLOSED ) Thanks to everyone who came

( OPEN) Shannon airport alternatively open instead of Logan becuase of zero visibility and closure

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