Boston Logan Airport Update

Hello Developers,
Congratulations on sending out the final update of 2022. I’ve loved flying the new E190 and seeing all the new airports being added when it comes to 3d buildings. I’m writing to you because I wanted to ask if the developers are aware of the new terminal extension at Boston’s Terminal E. If they are will, they be planning on adding the new extension to the Boston Airport sensory? Also, Mexico City has been updated in terms of terminals as well. The Apron gates on the fare side of terminal one AKA the AeroMexico terminal is no longer airstair gates and have airbridges at those slots now. I know that theses will not be coming in the new releases anytime soon, but I just wanted to make the developers aware of these new updates when it comes to airport scenery.

thank you for the awesome flight sim experience and looking forward from hearing from you.

Hi there,
Airports in Infinite Flight are made by a group of volunteer members. Airports are made to the best of detail as possible.
With regards to expansions and newly added features at an airport IRL they can take time to be implemented into the app due to the resources not being available.
To get the most accurate length and height etc, imagery (such as google earth) need to be up to date so the editors can import that to trace around.

Hope this helps and hopefully they can be added sometime soon


Thanks for getting back to me,
I know it will take time and effort from the lovely volunteers to add new features. I was just wondering you guys were aware but you answered my question. Thank you

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