Boston Fly-in Event

These are a few photos I’m sharing of the Boston Fly in event at the international Terminal, it’s extremely rare to see it full in this server let alone see it extremely busy with traffic. By the time I ended my session over 124 pilots were heading or leaving BOS! As my home airport it’s a treat seeing it be full like this time to time!

I flew HND-BOS on the B787-9, was about 11h59min flight time on the expert sever.


The low visibility has made things more interesting as well…thank goodness we have taxiway maps now…

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Man you don’t even know how annoyed I was flying into Boston not being able to see ANYTHING! I had to change my settings to night time so I can see the runway on final, and also see other aircrafts as I was landing. Sucked but still fun.

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