Boston Bruins Flyout (Hockey City Flyout Series) @ KBOS - 171700ZFEB19

Hockey City Flyout Series

I’ll be starting my Hockey Flyout Series. Each Flyout will be on a Sunday at 1700Z and we will have 32 Different Flyout with each team. Their will be no specified Gates but there will be a certain airline for each one!


Boston Bruins Flyout

We will be taking a flight to West Palm Beach or KPBI From Boston in the JetBlue A320

Theme / Airline: JetBlue

Server: Training

Airport: KBOS

Time: 1700Z

NOTAM: Please Be
Professional and follow ATC Instructions

Aircraft: A320-200

Route: KBOS-KPBI (Boston, Massachusetts -West Palm Beach, Florida)


KBOS Ground: @samdog27
KBOS Tower:
KBOS Departure:

KPBI Ground:
KPBI Tower:
KPBI Approach: @IF_Aviation1

Hope You Can Attend!


@FBWFTW it’s our favorite destination!


Go B’s!! Nice event plan here, well done.

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Will there be 2 separate events for the NY teams (Islanders & Rangers), or will it be combined?

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Most likely different

Rangers Will Be at LGA and Islanders at KJFK because there each closer to both airports

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Can I handle ground at KBOS? Thanks!

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Sure! Thanks for attending!

How long is the Flight?

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Should be about 3 Hours and 15 minutes

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2:35-2:40 if you plan it correctly.

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Ill take KPBI approach.

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Sure thing!

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I’ll take a gate

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No gate assignments :) just arrive :)

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