Boston Approach - IFATC Timelapse

Hi y’all!

It’s been a while, but I’m back with another IFATC Timelapse! These sessions are from 11/03/23 and 11/26/03. This time I went back to my home airport of Boston Logan and had some fun utilizing the ROBUC3 arrival to control the flow of traffic into the Boston area. Hope y’all enjoy, and as always feel free to comment if you see yourself flying in the video!

Server: Expert
Airport: Boston Logan International Airport (KBOS)
Runway in Use:
Departing: 22R
Landing: 22L & 27
Ground/Tower/ATIS: @BrunoSantos @Anthony_Vo @WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot
Approach: @JAR


This was so satisfying to watch! 😍


Thank you! I try my best 😉

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Great to watch this, BOS is an airport I want to visit both on IF and in real life


I always love watching these - they are so satisfying.

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Thanks! It’s a very complicated, but super fun airport to fly into haha

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Thank you!! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Boston was busier than NYC wow

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Amazing city with history as well I’m from Massachusetts

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Sehr gut und interessant

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I remember this!!! Was so fun to control :)

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