BOS Spotting 2/20/19

Hey guys! Went spotting today at BOS again. Only stayed for a bit so not many heavies, but the lighting was beautiful due to the reflections off the snow! Enjoy!

Edit: Can someone insert a poll for 1-8 please? Thanks :).

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Nice shots! I really like the Qatar 77W. :)


Did you spot in the water?

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Lol no. Why?

Awesome pics!

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The airport is surrounded by water. I wasn’t even sure if it was legal.

I would never go in the water this time of year, or at all for planespotting. But I usually spot from the parking lot of Belle Isle Seafood or from Bayswater Street. I think going in a boat right near the runway would be illegal. Anyways, there is a beach that you can walk along past Bayswater St and you can get right under the planes.

It is. There is always a State Police boat or Coast Guard patrolling the area.

Oh. I have seen them before but not recently.

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