BOS’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Welcome to @BOS’s ATC Thread

(For departing aircraft: Please file your flight plan before contacting ATC.)


Please only use “Remaining in the Pattern” if you are planning on doing touch&gos/patterns! Otherwise, please use the “departing north, south, east, west" or "straight out” command.



Airport :


Server :


I’ll stop by if I can, happy to help 😁

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Greatly appreciated!

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Thanks to @Stef_Smet for coming out! Looking good on those landings!


Hi, thanks for the service at KPSP, here’s a little feedback.

Only 2 things.

  1. When changing rwy’s be sure to give the pilot a new pattern entry, a sequence when necessary and when clearing, a new pattern direction. When I requested a rwy change, you cleared me for the option with the direction of the new pattern so when climbing upwind, I didn’t know which direction to turn and chose the direction of the previous pattern.

  2. In the case of KPSP, you wanted me to make left traffic when using rwy31L. When flying the tbm this is possible but watch out when you do this with faster aircraft cause they have a bigger turn radius and could
    Feel the treetops on the mountains west of the field!😉

Keep it up like this!

See you in one of your next sessions,

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Thanks for the feedback! Until next time

OPEN for business for the next 2 hours at KADW (2330Z - 0130Z)

ill be there soon!

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On my way ;)

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On my way, tag me for future openings.

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Feedback (F-AMMS)

  • Nice transition altitude
  • Good pattern entry choice
  • On the second inbound, I was inbound for landing, not touch and goes, keep that in mind: I was cleared for the option, not to land. Don’t fall into a robotic sequence, always keep aircraft commands in mind.
  • I was never told to exit the runway, I had to exit without instructions and then request a frequency change.
  • Taxi instructions were also a little late
    Overall, not a bad job! Room to improve, though. Be sure to ask any questions you may have :)

Always keep your nose high ;)


Hi there,

Here’ bullet 99’s Feedbacks

Everything is pretty fine…

Only thing I didn’t understood is after my runway change…

until 00:30:37, all is good… why you re-cleared my option without traffic direction? Your first move was the right one 😢

The GA was sooo perfect 👌🏻👍🏻👌🏻👍🏻

Keep up the good work!


wish i could join :( But at school

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imma hop on and do some patterns

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Feedback from Delta 911:

Things to work on:
  • I requested a runway change for 1L on right downwind, did not give me a pattern entry, when an aircraft requests a Runway change they always require a pattern entry then Clearence for the option after the option make left / right traffic.

I announced full stop on left downwind, because I’m already in the pattern all I am telling you is that I plan to stop doing patterns and make a full stop landing which is covered by cleared for the option.


Well Cleared for the option covers aircraft that are in the pattern and gives them the option for:


Low pass

Stop & go

Full stop

Overall Review:

Overall you have a decent knowledge of ATC skills and commands. Just a few things to work on and you’re all set!

Final Remarks:

Thank you for your service today!




Feedback from the theding

Good job, however the only thing I noticed was that you never actually cleared me to land, you only cleared me for the option

i actually don’t know if you’re supposed to clear people to land after you clear an aircraft for the option

Thanks for the feedback! First of all, love the C-32 and the 75 overall. Got some epic shots (see below).

A couple things I’d like to clarify here. It is my understanding and real world practice to be able to use a “cleared for the option” clearance to do a full stop. However, you specifically requested a full stop in which I definitely should of cleared or re-cleared you to land instead!

Valid points to work on and thank you again for your feedback!

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Thanks for the feedback! Great shot of your upwind leg although someone forgot to close their baggage door… :)

On your question, if you request pattern work, it is my job to give you a “cleared for the option” landing clearance unless you specifically tell me you want a full stop. In any case, a “option” landing clearance clears you to do a low approach, tough and go, stop and go or full stop

Thanks for the great feedback! Check out a great picture of you and @Michael_Sides1

The only thing I could of been thinking was to update you on where the traffic was that you were following.

Thanks for coming out!

Oh shoot, you saw the landing and the runway excursion 😂
About your question: While that would be valid if I had called inbound for touch and goes and then announced a full stop, note the following: I called inbound for landing, which means that I should be cleared to land.
Thanks for asking!