Borrowing The Space Shuttle For A Day Trip

Hello there!

Today I decided ”borrow” Space Shuttle Atlantis out of the museum for a day trip and take the Space Shuttle to, well y’know, space. In many of these shots, i try to hide the fact that the shuttle is attached to the 747 because many moons ago there was a space shuttle that existed for a landing challenge in IF. Not much else to add except for the shuttle looks cool

Mini-mod repellent

Server: Casual (really fun with the hiccups it had earlier today, made me jump around airports because i didnt know what was going wrong)
Route: Various because of the pre-mentioned issues with casual, but the goal was Kona to Cape Canaveral Shuttle Recovery Runway
Aircraft: B747-SCA
Cruise Alt: Varies. 38,000 when not using space glitch and upwards of 400,000 with space glitch

Anyways, on to the photos!

1| Today’s journey starts with cruising extremely high over the western seaboard of the US and not with launch because… uh… budget cuts.

2| Cruising by Fiji

3| Flying high over the Hawaiian islands, with the west side of the Big Island prominently in the background

4| Completing the last “orbit” (not actually an orbit, it’s IF and not a space flight simulator) before approaching into Florida’s space coast

5| Pitching up to 40 degrees for reentry

6| Speeding along over California

7| Seattle off in the distance from roughly the same spot as #6

8| Speeding along over California in a partial roll reversal and a bit lower now

9| On final at runway 33 at Kennedy Space Center

10| Wheel stop. Probably best I get Atlantis back to the museum before anyone notices it’s missing…. I’ll let you ride aboard next time if you don’t tell anyone I did this


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Are you going to be telling the museum workers that I took Atlantis out for a day trip?

  • Absolutely not
  • Of course not
  • No

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If you’d like to use my photos for something of your own, ask me first and have patience for me to get back to you before deciding to go ahead with it

Thanks for stopping by!


In the first few shots i actually thought you had the old IF lol
NIce PIctures!
I had a feeling Atlantis was feeling a bit stuffy in the museum

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Just saw this topic, beautiful work, i love it !!!

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