Bored Sunday Afternoon Flying

Today, A friend of mine asked me to go on a quick flight up to M19 to get some experience doing cross countries. Of course not being able to fly for a for days to do it being windy I jumped at the opportunity and went along. We flew to M19 from KSRC which is a mere 38 nautical miles. He flew both ways and even got flight following so he can practice talking to ATC.


Awesome stuff as always dude!🤗

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Being in the air no matter the situation beats sitting around on the ground, right?

Also ended they day with shooting the RNAV (GPS) 19 approach back home.

Can tell from the GPS

Anyday of the week. Flying over sitting in the ground

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Thanks. Glad you enjoy it.

Neat flight! Glad that you guys had fun

Anytime! Always happy to help another pilot. He just got his PPL so we’re doing confidence boosters

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XC requiements are 50nm straight line? You might want to clarify if you meant something else.


I’m aware that it’s 50 nm or more. We flew from one airport to another. That was less than 50 nm

Which other airports did you hit up too?

Just M19 and flew back home. Airplane was booked most of the day and had to get it back

Right I’m just confused because you said XC flight but didn’t meet XC requirements.

Cross country as another airport. 🙄 I’m fully aware that it doesn’t meet the XC requirements.

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Sitting “on the ground” sorry
But anyways, This is amazing!
Love your profile pic

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Thanks it’s my own picture

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Sweet catch.

Wait, 38nm is not cross country. Why would you call it that?

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Guys, he obviously means flying from one airport to another, getting his buddy a feel for that type of flying. The OP never claimed the flight met the definition of Cross Country as defined in FAR 61.1.

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In the original post he says “to get some experience doing cross countries”

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