Bored in quarantine

I’m bored in quarantine, did some GA flying during online classes. And ye, that’s about it.
Enjoy :)

Flight Details

Cessna 172 skyhawk
Around 1-2 hour of flight time, Cessna is slow but that gives you time to enjoy and appreciate the scenery


Departing runway 09

Skipping an hour, here we arrived at mainland US

Miami 🌴

Arrived at KFXE with a surprisingly safe landing (its hard to land tbh), taxiing to parking

Well…, hope you enjoyed :)
Sorry if there isn’t much backstory but… there isn’t really any😂.
Oh well…, enjoy the rest of your day ☀️


very good mate, keep up the amazing work!

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Thanks mate :D

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Must’ve been amazing to flyover Miami! Also nice to see you in the Cessna 👀

Great scenic shots mate! You definitely caught Laura’s dedicated stare at aviation.



Great photos!

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I saw that coming😂, and thanks for the amazing compliments😊

Merci @Cameron_M ❤️

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Great photos there, the last one is really cool!

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Ye, I was taxiing to parking and out of nowhere this a318 flew right above me. It was awesome