Bored in Quarantine | Editing like IFC Spotters

So, quarantine got me real bored. Why not experiment with different editing styles?

Here’s my attempt at trying to replicate the styles of 9 spotters here on the IFC that 1) had a style that I could pick out, 2) had enough photos somewhere as a reference, and 3) I had to have shots that were compatible with the edit style. Obviously these guys have been picking at a style for months while I’ve tried to replicate it in 20 minutes or less so don’t expect perfection.

@Cameron_Stone This one was probably one of the more difficult ones






@Speedbird_286 I couldn’t find a cloudy BA shot that had potential



Let me know how you think I did, drop a reply!


Of course it had to be a Southwest 737, because what else could it possibly be?


This is such a cool idea! You definitely got @Altaria55’s style pretty spot on!

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It’s from when we went spotting too 😂



well done! I see a hint of a teal sky 😉😂

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I gotta say, those are very accurate 😂

Great pics!

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Yeahhh I didn’t exactly figure out what you’re doing but some calibration sliders good enough I guess 😂


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i’m an HSL kinda guy, if ya know what i mean ;)

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My edit replica is pretty 🔥 if you ask me…

Good job!!!

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Those are amazing, definitely some accurate edits to match others styles. Great work!

I’m saving some to my device, expect a PM I’m I use them.


Ay thanks

Thanks! And you don’t have to PM me just give me credit with my @ or my IG handle

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Liked and bookmarked again, I now have 2,800 bookmarks 😜


Andrew, I know sometimes you may not be 100% happy with your pictures, but just know that I and a lot of the amateur spotters out there are really jealous of your pictures. Easily some of the best shots I have seen yet from you.

Mine isn’t bad, haha. I would have done a bit more colour manipulation, but it’s pretty spot on :)

And yet I don’t get mentioned. :(

Lol thanks

Thanks Dylan, and most of the time I am 100% happy with my shots, I spend a ton of time on them. But yeah it’s good to like reach out and try some new things, glad you like these.

Yours was kinda difficult to do since I didn’t even have the smallest notion of how to start 😂

You don’t have a lot of stuff for reference and you don’t exactly have a distinct “style” either



Well I tend to mix everything up. Try it all, as I say.


That wasn’t supposed to be an attack if you took it that way…


Pretty accurate lol


Always so serious…

No, were good. I just meant it sarcastically.

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