Bored at home? Well take this challenge-

I have a challenge for you, If you are bored at home, head on to a solo server, fly the X-Cub or TBM, put the weather on full, do short final, and try to land, I tried it- I crashed… Anyways, good luck!


Step 1:

Get to the Threshold.


I bed as soon as you landed, you got flipped over and sent the other way… 😂


I’ll try after my flight 😂

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I can tell you now, that you aren’t wrong.


First I set the weather to full.
I got blown to the side of the runway (I purposely set it to be a crosswind).
My TBM put up a fight, but in the end, the wind blew me head first into the ground. :(

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I want to try that out when I go flying the next time

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