Border is off?

Everything besides my actual views are not correctly aligned with my screen, for example my map is too small and doesn’t correlate with my screen. I have provided images to show this, anyone know how to correct this?


It’s like the game thinks my screen is smaller then it actually is, I’ve never had this issue, I recently took a break from IF and come back to this, perhaps it was an update?

This happened to me too when I downloaded the newest update

Ah, perhaps it’s a small bug that’ll get fixed soon. Thought it was just me.


21.6 saw some UI changes made which resulted in some extra padding being added around some of the UI features. Thus, the changes you’re seeing here are actually intentional.

You can find more information here:

Ooh, that makes sense. Thank you very much!

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It came with 21.6, as it happened to me after I updated the game to the newest version.

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