Bordeaux airport event: my pictures

Hello everyone, during the Bordeaux Airport event, I post some pictures.

Server: Training
Route: LFBD - LFPG
Time: 1h52

Preparing the flight

Taxing to runway 11


Flying over Bordeaux

Bordeaux Airport

View of Bordeaux

Flying over France

Approach to LFPG

Hard landing (I’m bad at manually landing, this is why I use autoland)

Final gate (end of flight)

What do you thinks about these pictures ?
Also thanks for the participants at the event.😉

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Hey, Everyone can learn manually landing… 🙂 Just believe in yourself
(Rip tires)

Very nice pictures of the Airport😄
Love the view of Bordeaux


I have been to Bordeaux IRL for school rowing camps and it can be absolutely gorgeous

Cool pictures. I was watching for a bit on the flight tracker.

I think you were a little close on your taxi.

Landing for me got substantially easier by following:

  • At the cone, be at 2500-3000 AGL

  • Line up on your localizer if you haven’t done so yet, then drop your VS to 250-500 to get on your glide slope. Finalize approach speed and flaps during this time.

  • When glide slope is acquired, drop VS to 500-800. Calibrate your device to however you’ll be holding it during landing (you should also calibrate before takeoff).

  • Your vector should now be somewhere on, or slightly in front of the runway. At this point, disable AP, and use throttle and slight roll to get your vector behind the piano keys.

  • Flare at the end, 3-5 degrees, dropping throttle to 10-20% at 30 feet and leaving it there until all your gear is on the ground.

Thanks for the teach, I will do this in my next flight.

Good pics, RIP pilot licence.

Yes, the pilot would be suspended for landing in the taxiway.

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Nice pictures. Thank you for this event.

Your welcome mate.
Thank you for participated at the event.😉

Unless the pilot’s name is Harrison Ford