Bora Bora Hop Hop!

🏖️ Bora-Bora Hop-Hop! 🏖️

@George | @CptJu

Little Background

As today is a GA day with Pacific as today’s highlight, me and my friend (@CptJu) decided to recreate a short island hop in formation from the quiet Bora-Bora to the busy Papeete, capital of Tahiti. We flew this island hop with a Daher TBM-930 with @Jan_W controlling Bora-bora at that time. It didn’t take long until we took off and left the island of Bora Bora. After a short 45 minute journey, we were vectored by @Maxim with a view of Tahiti island with @Babacar controlling TGS. All in all, we spent around 1:35 minutes from NTTB’s parking to NTAA’s parking. Thanks to all IFATCs who work hard today controlling traffic around Polynesia and Thanks to Tyler for featuring the Pacific today 😊👍

Server Info

Aircraft Departure Airport Arrival Airport Flight Time Server
Daher TBM-930 NTTB (Bora Bora) NTAA (Papeete Faa’a) 1:35 Expert

Picture 1 : Bora Bora Airport’s apron in the early morning. A busy day with most traffic going for Papeete

Picture 2 : Left Bora Bora Airport for departure to Papeete

Picture 3 : A sight of Tahaa island offshore from passengers’ window

Picture 4 : Passing through the beautiful Raiatea island

Picture 5 : Good bye Bora Bora!

Picture 6 : Hello Sunrise!

Picture 7 : Short final in Papeete. With runway in sight alongside @CptJu

Picture 8 : Touchdown!

Picture 9 : Busy traffic at Papeete in sight from passengers window

Thanks all for checking out this topic! 🏖️❤️


Beautiful photos! Seal of approval number 8 is for you.


French Polynesia is a beautiful place!


Wow! looks amazing. I like the TBM model as well.

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Ooh la la! Fantastically shots!

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Thanks guys for the praise

The TBM is already a beautiful bird, combined with Polynesia’s beautiful scenery then it becomes 3x more beautiful ❤️