Booted from server question

Firstly, apologies if I’ve posted this in the wrong area!

I’m new to the expert server and I have a question in regards to why I was booted / ghosted on approach to LEMD. This post is by no means a moan, rather a learning curve for myself to improve, to recognise where I may have gone wrong.

I had filed to land runway 32L, however the centre controller vectored me on descent to expect runway 32R. No issues. I retuned the NAV ILS for this. I followed all descent and heading instructions and was handed off to the approach controller.

The approach controller was vectoring me, providing me altitudes and various headings. I was told to expect runway 32L and to follow a heading until established on the localiser. So again, I retune NAV ILS back to 32L. I’m told not to exceed 180 knots. I maintain this speed on the altitude and heading given.

The problem is, the heading assigned to me never aligned me with the localiser and I end up just drifting past it. ATC contact me saying I’m aligned to the wrong runway and literally 10 seconds later, I’m disconnected.

My question is simply, why?

I followed all commands, headings, speed and altitudes. Have I gone wrong in that I should have turned to my own heading to establish myself? I wondered this when I realised I was never going to align with it on the instructed heading assignment but assumed I’d get a violation for altering my heading to what I wanted rather than what was instructed.

Any advice?

If you remember who the controller was, contact them privately by sending a PM. If you don’t, contact the appeals team and they’ll get you sorted.

This is your issue. “Turn left/right heading XYZ, maintain XYZ altitude until established on the localizer” means you fly the heading and turn to align yourself when it’s appropriate. We don’t do the aligning for you. In other words, we won’t give you a runway heading vector; we’ll give you an intercept heading of 30 degrees or so which you fly until you’ve reached a good point to turn final.

Head to Appeals if you’re looking for a violation removal; most cases, we’ll provide an equally good (or better) answer as the controller.


Thanks for the reply.

Maybe I’ve misunderstood or maybe I didn’t explain it as well best I could.

I assume the localisers are denoted by the triangular boxes that project from the runways on the maps?

I assume the headings given by ATC are to cross the lines / intercept the lines. If so, the heading given to me didn’t cross me over either of the 3 lines that make up the triangle, or what I assume the localiser to be.
Usually, when I intercept one of the lines, I’ll hit appr mode and the loc / alt go green and I’ll turn and glide in until I manually land from 1000ft.


Sounds to me like the intercept given to you was poor, which in that case, the controller would either give you another intercept (what we call a reverse intercept) or send you around on a missed approach. You as the pilot can call missed approach if you notice this in real time.

Like @ToasterStroodie said, reach out to @appeals. I’m sure they’ll provide some more clarity.