Booted from game on final

I was on final at LHR from LAX and I was booted out of the game.

Booted as in reported or a game crashed?

Elaborate more.

Game crash or report

I think he means the game crashed as myself and a few others have been reporting

If it booted you out due to performance, than depending on the age of your device, the devs are currently working on some performance issues impacting certain devices as referenced here: Support FAQ - Please read this before posting!

Keep on mind if your device is 4 or 5 years old it may be a performance issue related to your specific device, and that may not be fixable from a development standpoint.

If it is because of a report, well then that is your own doing. If you would like to appeal contact your controller, or send a message to @appeals following the instructions with your replay

My device is newer, about 2.5 years old.

Game crash

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