Boom Supersonic: Overture New Design.

The OG look, Looks like the OG Concord
It just looks way better and I am not happy with the changes

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New design or not, this is still an engineering marvel, and we all should be grateful to be alive to see this.


Soon enough we’re going to see this plane on the cover of a Mustard video with a title along the lines of “The jet of the future left in the past”


I’m going to have to disagree with you it looks way worse first second yeah we are alive to see it and potentially fly on it but it’s not the same super sonic that I know

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finally I am not alone anymore


Why Four Engines? Isn’t the Future of Aviation Twin Engined Planes? I know it will use SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) but The Concorde and the Tupolev Tu-144 look Way Better

I respectfully disagree i personally think this plane is unethical with four engines it looks to be a new and improved Boeing 2707 and we will see a video one day along the lines of what @Robertine said just my take tho

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I actually like this and I am way happier about it now. First it looked like some weird, ugly, tiny 737 sized thing, with other rather weird things, but now it looks way cooler and bigger, kinda like a 773/764 lol.

Also, I really hope this doesn’t end up like the TSR-2, if you guys get what I mean, since I actually like this new design…

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If by some miracle you were still convinced this company was legit before, this new render should seal the deal.

What an absolute farce of an organization, at this point its bordering on fraud if they are actually taking people’s money to pump out this garbage. And no I’m not talking about just the aesthetics.

Interesting that they chose to completely revamp the design. I thought they already had a 1:3 scale prototype built of the old model 🤨


That’s very odd I mean the old looks more simple and easy makes airlines want to buy it but this just looks like it’s going to fail so badly

Because it necessitates an amount of power those engines are able to provide. I’m sure there’s a good reason it’s not two larger engines as opposed to the previous tri-jet config or current quad-jet config. Either way, a certain amount of power and fuel is required, and it’s being delivered although Overture is not going to be efficient whatsoever.

I think people are judging too much based on the airframe’s asthetics alone 🤨

Yes, it’s really different from the previous design and yes, it looks akin to some of the 2707’s design. Beyond that, we don’t know so much as to what Overture is supposed to be capable of beyond moving a certain amount of people at supersonic speeds, while using SAF. All this on top of (supposedly) not losing airlines as much money as Concorde did.

Personally, I don’t believe in supersonic travel outside of military aviation (and probably never will). It’s expensive, inefficient, environmentally harmful and in my opinion a waste of time and money. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an engineering marvel, but not worth it for me.


They did, I saw it when they wheeled it out at Centennial. Missing the engines of course, since they, you know, dont even exist yet. Oh and they’re also claiming 100% sustainable fuel which also doesn’t exist yet. And claiming obscene range that would take it over land despite doing nothing to minimize sonic boom effects. You’d think maybe they would take notes from the NASA QueSST program to help with that but nope! Let’s just do a Concorde 2.0 because that worked so well last time…


United: orders Boom Overture
American Airlines: “man, imagine we also had original ideas”

1 year later

American Airlines: “If we order more, nobody will notice we’re copying United’s business plan”


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