Boom Overture

Like this…

I’m really good at remembering things from the past! ;)


Count my vote in! This plane would revolutionize IF for me. 8-10hour flights that are almost impossible for me to fly due to school and work would be possible with this plane.
Any SST has my vote.

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They do now

I think this aircraft would be great for IF because it is now officially being finalized now that the XB-1 has gone supersonic. They have given all needed information, including config (2-2 config to wing root and 2-1 rest of cabin), pictures of the cockpit, liveries (at least 6: united, JAL, American, Air Force one, boom liv. And generic), preformance specs, and everything to make it in the game!

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Now that we have a picture of the cockpit, I could see this plane being in IF soon. Boom clarified it will have way less buttons and switches than the concorde and the cockpit will only need 2 pilots


Cockpit of the XB-1 demonstrator during the first test flight’s rotation:

Full Video: XB-1 Takes Flight (

I still question the economic viability, but it’s cool watching this flight, and anticipating the next test flights.

Lots of flights apparently until testing supersonic.

Any update on this? Nothing from the devs either huh?