Bookmarks and Timer for atc repeat calls

Hello peeps!

I haven’t been flying for while now I’m back. It’s been good fun so far but I thought I ask some new feature requests, if its duplicate pls ignore/delete, thanks.

1, Ability to Bookmark/Favorite airports in airport selection menu.

2, Training server: Only allowed to tune into app/dep frequency when they are in class B airspace. (Ex. 4000ft-18000, so stops ppl requesting Visual app while they are at fl250 or doing traffic pattern.

This might not be the airlaw but gives ppl some direction.

3, 30-40sec countdown timer before spamming same msg on atc.

4, If pilot requests frequency change, auto switches to main atc menu after 10sec. it also clears from controller flight strip menu.

Ok, that’s it folks, leave comments, I’m with new acc so I am learning the ropes again.

Happy flying!

This isn’t allowed because you aren’t allowed to request more than one thing per request😕

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Most of them tiny requests. If I put every one of them separatly it will spam Features section ;)

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