Booking System for ATC?

So I’ve seen times where my friends and I arranged to have an ATC session but having it ruined because other people were taking up the ATC slots so this is why I am suggesting that a booking system be in place for ATCs… How does this sound?

This isn’t a good idea. If we have assigned spots, you would have to go through the struggle of…

  1. Assigning slots
  2. Finding people to fill the spots
  3. What happens when someone can’t make their slot?
  4. What happens if someone can’t make the whole time?
  5. Frustration with some people not getting the slots they wanted

It’s a hassle that no one wants to go through…


But at least prioritize already arranged events above casual ATC ops?

If you look at IFATC right now, we don’t assign spots. It was to much to go through. Many times people had to back out before a FNF. Then we have an empty station. It’s so much easier for someone to take it when they can.

Actually not Advanced but PG… Especially the fact that my friends and I wasted our time waiting for some guy called EK 90 who performed really badly at being WSSS GND & TWR to like disconnect…

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This would not be fair for all the other users who want to do ATC

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Fair or not, if this system is in place, people could schedule their time easily.

MaxSez: scheduled slots may be difficult but some type of assigned Controller Slots need to be considered. Have watched Advance Controller Staffing since the change came on line. I will not post the extremely low numbers of staffed positions reflected on the tote board for the last week to include the weekend, it a poor showing and sorry star of affairs. The incentive to achieve access is being negated. The present Advance Staffing regime need attention. When you have multiple choices on the Playground why play on a vast vacant lot!

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But I don’t see the point as in my case I do ATC when I randomly feel like it as do others

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This idea, while valid, is not the best in my opinion. ATC should be able to freely pick which airport they want to control. They pay for live so they should be able to use it how they desire. :)

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