Booking a flight on a VA?

Sorry for asking this, but I was looking on some VA’s website’s and realized that you could book a flight. Could someone explain to me how booking a flight on a VA work’s? Thanks!

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I run CityHopper IF there is no real point behind it it just makes the VA’s more realistic I can give you the link to our website if you would like to check it out.

Hey man,
I’m a leadership member of TravelSky, one of many VAs around and I’m running the flight booking since its roots.

To book a flight on TravelSky airlines, go here:

Now, here’s quickly how it works:

You fill out the form (choose a route, date, time) and you’ll get a message within 3 days back from us.
In this message we’ll tell you when your flight departs.
Then you can just spot your flight on or in game.

I’m not sure how other VAs run this, but that’s at least how to book a flight on TravelSky.
Hope this helped! :)

NOTE: Flight Booking form is currently being updated // worked on, so it’s out of use. If you want to book a flight, please be patient.


Ohh! Alright, I think I have a good idea of how it works now, thanks! :D

And we made a little flight report for you WHEN flight is finished :)

How do you ride on the flight tho? Is this for IF?

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No, I’m talking about a different simulator on an InfiniteFlight forum, you know.

“…we’ll tell you when your flight departs.
Then you can just spot your flight on www.liveflightapp.com1 or in game.”

You’re welcome, next time read closely.

Why would anyone want to spot a flight? Lol

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From the looks of this feed, I think many people have a different definition of what booking is inside of their VA. With American Airlines IF, our Booking Systems are called “Schedules”. We have a constantly updating list of flights that you get to pick from. Each flight from this list has the DEP-ARR, TIME, FLIGHT #, and other FLIGHT DETAILS. All you fill out is your route, aircraft and fuel used, as well as optional comments about your flight.
The way it works for AA is when you pick a Schedule, you are adding it to what is called your “Bids”. In your Bids, is every flight that you have added, and all of the essential information you need to fly. After your flight you will go to that bids list and click on “File PIREP”, which will allow you to fill in all of the information I talked about earlier. Then you’re all set and the PIREP just needs to be accepted by an AAdmin.