Booking a Flight Just to Fly

I am curious about something. Not something that I would consider, but wondering if anyone else does…

Do people enjoy flying (as a passenger) so much that they book flights just to fly? I’m not talking about tours of places, etc., but actual commercial flights with airlines.

I’m just wondering how far the obsession goes with some people. lol.


I did that, Copenhagen to London 13:45 to 15:15 I think then flew London to Copenhagen 18:30 to 21:20 I believe, same day. In the mean time I was plane spotting.


I have read articles about enthusiasts who will do just that.
It is flying they want and, if possible, be a passenger in a specific airline and aircraft. It is another kind of spotting really.

I think I came across that issue when I read that some aviation addicts went to book a flight with an older Iranian 747…

Some unusual hobby after all


No, don’t have money to burn! Although they have started doing something similar for Barra airport. FlyBe are doing a flight from Glasgow, you get the beach landing, time for tea and cake in the terminal and then straight back to Glasgow. Purely aiming at those who want to experience the beach landing.


Yes, people do that.

Anetters book 4 to 5 stop flights sometimes. Have a look at trip reports section.

I can drive or take a ferry, but 90% of the time I choose to fly


Oh god no, I travel to see places/people. I enjoy flying, but wouldn’t go somewhere to hang around the airport a bit then get back home. I have better things to do with my time.


I’ve done it a few times, from London to France / Spain and Scandinavian countries. I’ll only do it if I see some cheap fares on offer - £25 or less. But sometimes a man needs space from the daily nagging ;)


Interesting to hear all of this. I don’t think I’d ever do it, too much of a hassle IMO.

I saw a news report where a correspondent just flew to get more frequent flier miles. Flew all around the USA, then when he reached his final destination realized he didn’t meet his goal so he booked another flight!

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That’s so weird. It is about status and not about flying then,

I’d happily fly back to CPH, but mostly because I want to explore some more. It’s one of my favourite cities.


Has flown around the world for fun. (And because I had way too many FF Miles)

Copenhagen is great!


I would definitely do that.

I was considering it so I could go planespotting, If you book the right flights with a ULCC you could see about 5-6 airports in a day for around £55 pp.
(EDIT: It’s best to do it in summer so you can maximise daylight hours)


I might do a flight on Hawaiian’s A321neo when they get it.

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Have you ever checked the website ’ Flight Report '? :)

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I would if I had the money, of course.