Bookable airshow as an event

How do you all feel about an idea of an event like FNF or smth similar where there would be chosen airport and you could choose like 5 min display of aerobatics or anything you would like and then land for the next persons turn and so on. I feel this would be really great and honestly i dont know if this has been already suggested or done but hey just my idea :)


People create events for that, and whaky racing is also kind of simillar to that.

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Yea i guess but it would be cool to see one on a larger scale and not like whaky racing as thats just fooling around but a more “realistic” airshow you know

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There are events like this found in #live:events. Take a look at some I’ve linked below to get an idea:

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Yes, but I think IF won’t do that by themselves, but other people do that on #live:events and #live:groupflights

Yes i just had the idea and maybe one of the mods would even see it lmao and make it happen that way

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yes, i think that is a cool idea

Yes like these but would be cool with “official” organising or if they would allow aerobatics on expert for one airport for the duration for the event with live atc you know

That would be very difficult since system violations are like a server ‘setting’. Removing a certain violation would cause mayhem and everyone would use this to a trolling style advantage, and with all people who have access to Expert have access to Casual, there wouldn’t be a consideration for this.


Yes i guess but then you would have mods and atc enforcing the rule there but i get there is a chance of problems and when it comes to the rules and coding i have no idea how that would work but hey where there is a will there is a way :v

It would be a globally disabled effect. The moderators wouldn’t be able to manage 1,000 users when there is a very easy alternative.

Yes i guess but maybe there could be a way to make it so aerobatics are allowed at one airport only

Or…you can organize an event on casual.

If you want to do airshows and aerobatics, casual or solo.

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So let’s plan one shall we

I hosted the First Ever Airshow, if you want help with something feel free to ask 👍

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