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Hello everyone,

This is my tracking thread where I will be posting whenever I ATC.

My mission is to improve my ATC skills and correct any mistakes to become an expert at controlling one day. I appreciate feedback as it helps me to improve for the better. Hope to see you around.

Note: This is my third tracking thread.


Current active airport:

Runway in use: N/A





ESSA Tower and ground active! Please make sure to pass by for some patterns!

@ThomasR has ground and I have Tower.

ESSA Tower/ Ground closed.

EIDW now active, please pass by for some patterns! Feedback appreciated!

EIDW closed

LTBA Tower and Ground active, make sure to pass by!
@ThomasR has ground.

LTBA Tower and Ground closed

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OEDF airport now active! Please pass by and fly some patterns! (Check the first post for the METAR)

OEDF airport now closed, thanks to everyone who came!

I’ll be there in N701FX

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METAR has been updated.

Thanks for coming @eturk49!

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