Boodz_G | ATC Tracking Thread | Closed

Hello everyone,

This is my tracking thread where I will be posting whenever I ATC.

My mission is to improve my ATC skills and correct any mistakes to become an expert at controlling one day. I appreciate feedback as it helps me to improve for the better. Hope to see you around.

Note: This is my second tracking thread.

Current active airport: N/A

Runway in use: N/A





TNCM now active, pass by! Feedback appreciated.

TNCM now closed.

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FACT now open, come fly patterns. Feedback appreciated.

FACT now closed.

You’re not there! Where are you

I’m having issues with the ATC Tower position, please bear with me.

I might be back later if you are still on! I was thinking, 16 was a bit ambitious but you corrected it!

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Alright, thanks for coming! I’ll be open for 30 more minutes probably.

FACT has an issue on IOS where the Tower view is not in the correct field which will be fixed I believe. I suggest opening other fields instead 🙂

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Alright, thanks! I’m currently using Freecam which is fairly doing the job for the time being.

VNKT now open, pass by and fly some patterns! Feedback appreciated.

VNKT now closed.

Both me and @Trio are active at EDDF. I’ve got Tower and Ground and he has Approach. Make sure to pass by if you’re free!

EDDF TWR/GND/APP now closed.

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KSLC now open, pass by if able!

KSLC now closed.

LOWW now active, pass by for some patterns!

LOWW now closed.

PHNL active, please pass by!

PHNL closed.

EGLL active, make sure to come fly patterns! Feedback appreciated.

EGLL now closed.

EGLL now open, pass by if able!

EGLL now closed.

EGLL now active, please pass by for some patterns! Feedback appreciated.

EGLL now closed.

Hello guys!

I’m gonna be ATC at FALM at 2100Z for SNP. Please only join in a P-38 for this event. Feedback is appreciated.

Who’s ATCEG?

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FALM now active! Make sure to come in a P-38!

FALM now closed.

BIKF now active, make sure to pass by if you’re free!

BIKF Closed.