Boodz_G | ATC Tracking Thread | Closed

Hello everyone,

This is my tracking thread where I will be posting whenever I ATC.

My mission is to improve my ATC skills and correct any mistakes to become an expert at controlling one day. I appreciate feedback as it helps me to improve for the better. Hope to see you around.

Current active airport: N/A
Runway in use: N/A





Currently active at EGCC, come fly!
EGCC now closed.

Active at EIDW, come down for some patterns!

EIDW now closed.

ATC active at EGCC - Manchester, come down and fly!
EGCC Closed.

ATC active at NZAA, please come and fly!

ATC is still active, come down for some patterns.
NZAA now closed.

Nice controlling. Gave proper runway changes and everything was good. Only myself flying patterns so no sequencing, but i’m sure you would be fine with that too. Im sure ill see you on expert soon!

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Thanks for coming! Hope to see you around. :)

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NZAA now active, come down for some patterns.
NZAA now closed.


KLAS now open, windy weather (Check ATIS above), come down for a challenge! ;)
KLAS now closed.

ATC active at LEAL - Alicante, come and fly! :)


ATC still active if anyone wants to pass by.

Sequencing was good. Maybe clearances were a bit too early I normally do them on downwind but that doesn’t really matter I suppose.

One thing though as I was in a caravan and can do patterns much faster than 737s you should have given me number one and sequenced the other 2 after me. Although it doesn’t really matter cause it’s not really a mistake just it can get annoying for people to fly 5nm out for a pattern in a Cessna.


They weren’t making very long downwinds but I agree with you. I’ll keep that in mind, thanks for the feedback also, thanks for coming. :)


It depends how many aircraft there are. How many were there? If there’s just 1-2 there’s no problem with clearing early due to the fact that there’s not as many aircraft to keep track of.

There were more than two. May I ask what’s the problem in clearing early?

No real problem, just in a tutorial video Tyler says β€˜when well established on downwind’ or something like that, so from after I watched it I always wait. Unless I’m very busy with aircraft on ground and I might forget, than I might expedite it.

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Ok, thanks! I’ll keep that in mind as well.

LEAL now closed. Thanks for everyone who came!


That was very good ATCing! @Boodz_G
The sequencing was perfect,
The landing clearances were great, didn’t reclear me to land when I said I was on full stop.
If I had one negative feedback, it was that the clearances to land were quite early, i’d normally clear then for the option when they are from the middle to end of the downwind leg except where there is one or two remaining in the pattern. But in the practical that wouldn’t be a deciding factor about wheather or not you become an IFATC.

Hope to see you controlling on the expert server soon!

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