Bonza’s in the Skies!

Today, Fly Bonza took their first flight from Sunshine Coast to Proserpine. It’s great to see a new tail in the sky! They will be flying across regional Australia in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales.

It would be great if we could get the Bonza livery on the game on the Boeing 737-8. There aren’t many Australian airline liveries on Infinite Flight, so maybe airlines like Rex Airlines and Alliance.


ouii ouii a new aussie airline.


I believe Rex is now in the game on the 737-800

If you would like to see the Alliance Livery you can go vote for it here:

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I’m excited to see how they go, should be interesting…

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He could also be meaning their Saab 340s that they fly a lot on their regional routes

Very nice, hope to spot a Bonza one day!

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Saab 340 is a must have fr fr



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