Bonza’s Flights On Sale!

Credit: New airline Bonza given green light for flights across regional Australia - ABC News

The wait is over! Australia’s new low cost airline Bonza has started selling their flights! The first flight will be on January 31st from their main base Sunshine Coast to Whitsunday Coast. Bonza will operate with 737-8 MAX aircraft.

The routes that are on sale right now are:

Sunshine Coast - Cairns

Beginning March 27 5x per week

Sunshine Coast - Mackay

Beginning February 14 3x per week

Sunshine Coast - Townsville

Beginning February 22 4x per week

Sunshine Coast - Whitsunday Coast

Beginning January 31 3x per week

Sunshine Coast - Coffs Harbour

Beginning April 20 2x per week

Sunshine Coast - Newcastle

Beginning March 28 4x per week

Sunshine Coast - Port Macquarie

Beginning April 12 2x per week

Sunshine Coast - Albury

Beginning April 7 2x per week

Sunshine Coast - Mildura

Beginning April 4 2x per week

Sunshine Coast - Avalon

Beginning February 21 3x per week

Sunshine Coast - Rockhampton

Beginning March 13 3x per week

Cairns - Mackay

Beginning March 29 2x per week

Cairns - Rockhampton

Beginning March 31 2x per week

Newcastle - Whitsunday Coast

Beginning March 30 2x per week

Rockhampton - Townsville

Beginning February 24 3x per week

Pretty much all of the first flights are already full.

Few other destinations will be added later on including Melbourne, which is going to be their second hub.

I don’t know about you but I’m very excited about this launch! Sadly they wont fly to Canberra (at least in the beginning).

Bonza’s app is an easy way to book tickets. Flights start from under $100AUD.

Have a great day/night!!


All I can say to them is good luck filling a plane from rockhampton to townsville.


Looking forward to this one!!

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Thats what i was thinking aswell. They can barely get a full dash-8 ROK-TSV

Interesting. I hadn’t heard of this before. A few lines I noted from: Bonza (airline) - Wikipedia:

1)founded by a former Virgin Blue executive
2) majority owned by a private investment firm in Miami
3) model has been compared to Ryanair
4) onboard menu will consist of 100 per cent Australian snacks, meals and beverages
5) first Australian airline to operate the Boeing 737 MAX

I guess they won’t be going to Syndey either.

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Interesting, I hope I can have the chance to fly Bonza one day! Unfortunately they don’t fly to Adelaide 🥲

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Question: Do all Aussies and only Aussies know what Bonza means?

Bonza means excellent and first-rate in Australia.


Does a kiwi use that word?

Nah, don’t think so

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I’m pretty sure they don’t use it in Miami either (the investor for Bonza). :)

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Yeah America isn’t that similar to here.

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I’m now grilling my daughter with text questions on Bonza…

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Also coming soon apparently, in addition to @Finnishboy 's list: Bundaberg, Gladstone, Toowoomba, Tamworth, Tullamarine

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That’s good, I’m glad Melbourne is getting Bonza flights soon, I might have to go down and witness the first arrival! I do wonder, how are they planning on filling a 737 on Rockhampton-Townsville??? As others have said, it is hard to fill a Dash 8 on those routes, let alone a 737 with 180 seats!


I’m really sceptical about filling the Maxes as well and Sunshine Coast along with other destinations are tourist places so they might have enough demand for about half a year. I guess the fact that Bonza will be offering cheap tickets compared to other airlines in Australia helps to fill their planes. Jetstar will probably be their biggest competitor


One thing that needs to be remembered is the way a LCC or ULCC operates. Their entire model is about creating demand, rather than capturing it.

Bonza certainly has a unique network of routes, and comes with a reintroduced model to the Australian market. Jetstar hasn’t done something like this since their conception, and hasn’t altered their network aside from small additions over the years, not to mention their alternate aim of capturing more demand for Qantas with their capital city routes.

I for one am excited to see how they’ll go. Sure, some of their routes may not stay around, but that’s all part of being a startup. They’ve garnered a lot of attention over the past year and should surely see at least some success on most of their routes.

I’ve booked a flight from the Sunshine Coast to Coffs Harbour in June. Personally, I can’t wait!


So are you saying that ULCC’s justify their existence by creating new demand either by mobilizing people who would otherwise have decided not to travel, or else capturing passengers from other modes of transport such as bus, rail or car? And this would not be a profitable strategy for LCC’s (discounting has more limits)?

So their livelihood partly depends on stress testing the market, and as such, any particular route failure is taken as valuable market research for which they are prepared to withstand?

Apparently, this is considered the first ULCC in Australia? And if so, the viability is perhaps a touch more uncertain than for geographies where ULCC’s already have a track record?

(Maybe these are obvious distinctions, but a bit new to me. So Jetstar is a higher cost airline than Bonza, presumably?)

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Yes and yes. That’s how EasyJet and Ryanair became so successful in Europe, in addition to JetBlue, Allegiant and Spirit in the US.

Those carriers have been established for decades, and their startup networks would have been approximately the same philosophy as Bonza.

Nobody said it would be easy.

Jetstar is a wholly owned company, forming part of the Qantas Group. It is a cheaper alternative to Qantas on many routes they share, in addition to providing some destinations not served by Qantas themselves, which are largely leisure.


Though the source below is from 2017, it hints at how expensive short haul air travel has been in Australia. The gap is presumably too large for a ULCC to ignore(?):

source: RANKED: The cost of air travel in 80 countries |

The best value country shown in the world was Malaysia

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