Bonza Boeing 737 MAX 8


With the potential of the Boeing 737 MAX 8 being added to Infinite Flight, I thought now to be the best time to make a request for Australia’s newest Ultra Low Cost Carrier and airline: ‘Bonza’

Image Credit: VH-UJT | Boeing 737-8 MAX | Bonza | Matthew McDonald | JetPhotos

Why Bonza?

With a growing fleet of Boeing 737 MAX 8s, the airline operates domestically throughout Australia, providing the market with ultra low cost fares and point-to-point routes between country towns and coastal holiday hotspots.

The airline’s stand-out purple aircraft are donned with comically Australian nicknames, which include:

  • Bruce
  • Matilda
  • Shazza
  • Sheila
  • Bazza
  • Malc

The Oceanian market is incredibly unrepresented within Infinite Flight, and the addition of Bonza’s Boeing 737 MAX 8, with the help of your vote, would allow more routes to be flown in a beautifully purple plane.

So, whether you’re team MAX or team neo, your vote for this incredible livery would be greatly appreciated by ‘Allstralia’.

To find out more about who Bonza are and what they’re about, you can follow the link below:

Ahh! I was just going to request this livery! Beat me too it. I love this livery. The purple looks really sharp on the MAX. Voted!

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Beautiful Adam 😍 Great choice

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Voted… They stole my money and cancelled our flight, but the livery is pretty cool.


deserved tbh


you are unbelievable

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Voted. Not enough purple planes in Infinite Flight.

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Got my vote, interesting livery and would be fun to do some cool flights down under with it!

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As an Aussie, this livery gets a big Bonza thumbs up from me.

Would love to see this in the simulator one day!


Would love to see this, ill see if i can spare a vote!!

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It’s official! The Boeing 737 MAX 8 is the winner of the poll, and I think it’s a bonza result! If you agree with me, the Australian community would love your vote for our beautiful purple plane!

So bung off your neo votes (for now), and get Bonza on the map! What’re you waiting for?


yeah we need this in the game fasho

Bonza would be a great addition to the upcoming 737 max 8!

I’m hoping that when this livery gets confirmed, we get the one with the purple winglets with the thumbs up logo on them


I like this purple livery!

We definitely need this livery And Virgin Australia on the Max!!

You have my vote mate, such a cool livery. Keen to see more Aussie livery’s in game.

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Let’s add a purple livery to the MAX!

Who doesn’t want a purple 737 MAX?

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