Bonza 737-800 Livery | Bonza Here for Allstralia

Bonza 737-800

About Bonza Airlines:

Hello IFC. I was thinking that this would be a cool livery to add to IF. With it’s bright purple it is a very appealing livery. Bonza is an airline in Australia that is going to try and compete with airlines like JetStar.

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Bonza Routes

This is the route map for Bonza. As you can see the focus on the east coast of Australia.

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Bonza Airlines Fleet

Bonza’s fleet consist of only one aircraft type and the is the Boeing 737 MAX 8. I know that Infinite Flight does not have any MAX series but I think that it would be cool if they added it to the 737-800 just like they did for FLAIR airlines based in Canada

first vote because yes we need this

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but…thats a MAX 8 come on Ryan you know better

no, Flair actually has -800ʻs.

Unfortunately Bonza doesn’t have, nor, from my understanding at least, has no plans to operate Boeing 737-800s.

This is unlike Flair, which has a mixed fleet of Boeing 737 MAX 8 and Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

Would be amazing to see a Bonza livery in Infinite Flight if the MAX does ever make its way into the app!


In addition to what Adam mentioned, please take a read as to why this was closed.