Bonjour to 2024 Spotting Competition [CONCLUDED - SEE YOU NEXT YEAR]

Hello Community!

Year five! Spotting competition! Yay! Welcome back to the annual spotting competition that I’ve been holding. I know some of you have been waiting patiently so here we go.


  • Double elimination style (two losses and you’re out).
  • No category/plane restrictions for any rounds.
  • Must be your own photos.
  • Must not have any significantly photoshopped elements (for example: enhancing the sky with a gradient is fair game. Swapping in an entirely new sky is not). This is honor system, but don’t let me catch you.
  • Please only enter if you are actually going to stay active during the whole competition. I’m not chasing people around for photos.
  • Photographer names will be kept private (for the most part), but votes will be public and shown on close.

How to Enter

  • Please send me a separate PM with your photo. If you cannot initiate a PM due to trust level, drop a reply and I will message you first. You are not entered until I receive your photo. I will not be reserving slots for people.

  • Entries are open from now until noon EST on December 31st, or until the competition is completely full (40 slots).

  • If you prefer, you can also send multiple photos and I will simply use them in order so I don’t have to bother you every round.

Have Fun!

Here is a running list of all participating photographers.


Entry #1: @Kamryn

29 slots remaining


Entry #2: @Etrain

Entry #3: @AvioesEJogos

27 slots remaining


Entry #4: @Butter575

26 slots remaining

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Entry #5: @mkwiecek

25 slots remaining

Hey @AndrewWu

How many photos can we submit?

You can submit as many as you want, I’ll just use them in order

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Entry #6: Screenshot 2023-12-20 at 3.03.56 PM

Entry #7: @Luke_Sta

23 slots remaining




I’ll join in for this one why not

Entry 8: @Dan_77

Entry 9: @MrJackT14

21 slots remaining

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Entry 10: @Novak_Jakovljevic

Entry 11: @Alaska170

19 slots remaining

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The entry list is filling up faster than a SWA taxiing to the gate after an arrival.


Entry 12: @MJP_27

Entry 13: @den.aviation

17 slots remaining

Entry 14: @AviatorGriffYT

16 slots remaining

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Entry 15: @callaa

15 slots remaining, we are half full

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I have no experience in spotting and only spotted 2 times. But i will try, I’ll join.

How could you have spotted twice but still have no experience?

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If we can tell that "spotting "