Bonjour Montréal

Bogota - Montréal

  1. Takeoff
  2. Wallpaper
  3. Touchdown
    VID_20231211142714_AdobeExpress (1)
  4. Construction ahead

I saw you in game!

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We should team up sometime

salut!! love the livery on the 777

B77W all day every day.

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Don’t you think infinite flight should have a communication system to talk with nearby flight


Yes they should

Wow, didn’t know we have cranes and excavators in IF 🚜

You just have to land at CYUL

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There is also more at SLC! Smaller ones could also be found in airports including Bangkok!

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I think there should be a standby or a “chat frequency” kinda like what you see in recordings

Yes something like that