Bonjour 2024 & Adieu Community

Hello everyone. As of December 2023, I started to finally strongly consider leaving the community. In my personal life, my friends had started noticing that I was no longer the same person I usually am. I’ll spare you the details but after taking a week long absence from the community I realized they were right. During that short break I generally felt happier and wasn’t as negative about smaller details.

As such it is time to end my own era here. I figured what could be more fitting than ending this era by posting my 2023 spotting recap?

Unfortunately due to baseball and time restrictions, I wasn’t able to actually go on a spotting trip until June where I had a baseball tournament up in Dallas and convinced my parents to let me spend 5 hours at Founders Plaza.

This was my first time seeing Finnair and I love the simplicity of their livery.

Once again, I didn’t get much time to go spotting, but I was lucky enough to be able to fly up to DAL and tour Southwest Airlines’ headquarters on October 9th. Pictured here is me in front of the CFM-Leap 1B.

Moving on in November, this is my very first time attempting a panning shot. Didn’t turn out great, but that’s to be expected, and I learned a lot from this experience along with the help of @AndrewWu. Looking forward to trying this type of shot more often.

As we get farther along into November, we see me sacrificing my camera in order to finally get a shot of the Thank You livery.

Don’t worry, no cameras were harmed in the making of this shot.

On into December we go! Here we have my best Golden Hour shot yet, with a United Evo blue B737 landing at SAT just before sunset.
Believe it or not, I haven’t edited this photo at all past cropping it.

Little did I know that the Thank You livery would be coming back into SAT shortly after the last time. But thankfully in better conditions. After trying out a new location and a slightly new editing style, I got this photo.

Last week SAT got the opportunity to host a United B772 for a little over an hour while it travelled from SFO-TUS. 🤷🏼‍♂️

One of my favorite shots so far from when the airport is in west flow.

New Years weekend saw me take a trip up to Austin in order to be upgraded for a hotel rewards group in the coming year (this year). Of course, I had to stop by AUS in order to cross another airport off my list and some liveries too.

Pictured here is the AUS tower with the setting sun behind it.

Once again, no cameras were harmed in the making of this shot. I didn’t enjoy taking the shot but love the result.

Moving forward to New Years Eve, I met up with a local AUS spotter (@aus.spotter on insta) and spent 2 and a half hours at the family viewing area next to runway 18L. Luke unfortunately forgot to charge his camera battery (rookie mistake) but we both got some pretty good shots until the battery died.

Unfortunately both the Virgin Atlantic B789 and the British Airways A35K landed on 18R and annoyed both Luke and me. After Luke left I ventured up to the parking garage in order to try a few more panning shots.

This ended up being the best shot, and you definitely don’t see the dust spots.

It’s been an awesome 4 years with everyone here on the IFC and I’m looking forward to the next things the IF development team brings to the table. I’ll no longer be active here, but I am still planning on flying in the virtual skies of IF for a little while longer.

If you want to get in touch with me, feel free to reach out via my spotting insta (@sat_spotting).

Once again, it’s been a pleasure being here with y’all and navigating through the ups and downs we’ve had together.

I’ll no longer be active after today. I will still respond to any messages I get or replies I get today but that’s it.

Please don’t say anything like “see you tomorrow” because no you won’t. Every single thing I said in this topic is true and I will no longer be active here starting tomorrow.

This was not solely meant to be a goodbye topic. This was a topic reflecting on not only memories I’ve made here, but also on the memories I made in 2023 through my spotting journey.



Great pics! Almost as nice as having you around. So long, and I wish you clear skies in whatever you do next :)


Stunning shots 😍


Glad to hear you are figuring out what your life future & discovering IFC doesn’t have to be your life! While I’m sad to see you leave, there’s no reason why you can fly periodically time to time and engage with the IF community. And it’s an amazing community that share the same love and obsession about planes & aviation in general.
It’s an ultimate community for being nerdy about aviation.

I wish you well @Zhopkins and on your future endeavours mate!

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Great shots! It’s been lovely to have you around, so long Z.

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Amazing pictures @Zhopkins! What a way to end your stay in this community.

Even though we will miss you here, only thing we can do is wish you the best for the future.

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