BongAviation’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Just opened KLAX on training server to practice for IFATC feel free to hop on, all instruction should be followed and if i have done something wrong please mention it below, maintain 3nm horizontally and 1000ft vertically

Time: 5:20pm SGT
Server: training server

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Hey, I’ll try to come hopefully sometime soon, however I do not recommend opening an airport such as KLAX as there is too much traffic there to concentrate on patterns, conflicts etc I recommend you choose a smaller airport that receives little to no traffic in IF.
Here are some airports I did my training at:


These airports all have parallel runways and receive little traffic so in future I recommend you use one of these airports or another with less traffic.

Be sure to ping me when you next open!


oo ight thanks a lot!


Great session! Hard to make it a challenge for you alone. Just two things:

  • When an aircraft requests a runway change you must issue a pattern instruction first before clearing them. Also, for runway changes you need to include a pattern direction in the clearance (e.g. make left traffic). Same applies for inbounds.

    The best reply to my request would have been:

    Enter left base runway 25L
    Number 1, runway 25L, cleared for the option, after the option, make left traffic

  • The runway exit was a bit late, aim for 70-80 kts to issue the command.

Tag me next time you’re open, and I would also second the advise from @GolfZuluZulu to open at smaller airports with parallels. GCLP, EDDP and KSSC are also great options!


Thanks for joining! thanks for the feedback as well! i will improve myself base on the feedback given :)

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Next session will be at EDDP which have parallel runway, feel free to hop on

Airport ICAO: EDDP
Time: 9am Zulu time
Server: Training


Please notify time as Zulu time, many people don’t know where SGT is, and need additional searching.


How to get Zulu time tho nvm got it

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Opening now?

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Opening now! Do join if u can

yep ( 10 chars)

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Feedback from G-ZZJB:

  • Transition altitude was correct
  • pattern entry and clearance was correct
  • descend to pattern altitude wasn’t necessary, it’s not like there was anyone else in the pattern
  • runway change was good although in the clearance, there was no pattern direction (make left/right traffic)
  • last runway change was excellent
  • exit runway was late, aim 70-80kts and I did announce full stop too, not everyone is going to announce full stop so you have to decide if they are slow enough to full stop or the aircraft type is usually that slow

Overall great session, just a few things to work on.
Jordan - GolfZuluZulu


Thanks for the feedback! will work on it :)

Third session! This time hoping to get to practice Seperation in a pattern

Airport ICAO: EDDP
Time: 8am Zulu time
Server: Training Server
Status: OPEN


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game crash :(

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oh big rip

Opening Now!

Feedback @Andy - A8-GIE

  • Could’ve cleared me earlier. Remember you can clear me as soon as you feel confident about the sequence that I have for landing.
  • Good correction with the clearance, by adding the direction as I’m inbound. Also just a note, you clear the aircraft with a direction if;
  1. If they’re inbound.
  2. If they changed runways.
  3. If you want them on the opposite downwind which is very rare to happen.
  • 2nd pattern no issues, good job on clearing me early this time.

Thanks for having me, good job! :)


Excellent session on my side!

  • After my runway change (good job with the pattern entry), making right traffic after the option would have been “more natural”. Try to separate the two circuits from each other. That way I don’t conflict with the left circuit or with departures on 23L.

  • Runway exit was a bit late again. Always watch for full stops. Not everyone, especially in training and the practical test, will announce it. This will be important to catch go arounds.

Thanks for having me, until next time! 😀

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Yea i admit the runway exit was late cause i was caught off guard lol but thanks for coming!