Bondi flyby

Went up in a little Cessna 172 in solo just cruising up and down the beach. Main destination was Bondi beach, anyone ever seen the show Bondi Rescue? Virtual cookie if you have, I love every bit of that show I can find on YouTube, wish it was shown here in the US.

I suppose I’ll commentate the photos, but most of them should be fairly self explanatory. 😂

Takeoff is the first step in any successful flight, so let’s start there 😂

Sailing past the Botany Bay, any Australians out there consider yourself lucky, it’s gorgeous down here! Little choppy here, too but that all adds to the fun 🤪

Before we get to the big one, Bondi’s little siblings Tamarama, and Bronte.

And here it is, Bondi. Not going to lie, it looks better on TV than in IF, go figure 😂

View from the tower, “Bondi central to the boys, what’s happening up there?” 🤪

All good things must come to an end though. Battling some gusts on landing, but it all worked out. 😉

Hope you all enjoyed, at the very least hopefully I didn’t ruin your day… 🤪 😂


Great shots man!

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Good old Bondi Beach. Unfortunately it has been shut because of the corona virus and people not following social distancing rules, but on a normal day Bondi it is packed with people. If you ever get a chance to go you should and say hello to @Luke_M


I wish I could go, I watch the TV show every chance I get, too bad it’s only snippets since they don’t actually air it in the US, but it looks like an awesome place to go spend a day…

Of you search Bondi Rescue on Google all the season end episodes come up. Try that and see if you are able to access the series there.

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I surfed at Bondi last year!

Beautiful place, amazing pics, thanks for sharing!

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Na, most of its geo locker I think. Some of the older stuff is on YouTube, and lots of highlights. We have some lifeguard shows here in the US, but something about Bondi 🤪