Bonanza G36

Good day to everyone. Today I’m gonna show you why the new Beechcraft Bonanza G36 should be in Infinite Flight.

Bonanza G36 is the newest version of the already well known Beechcraft bonanza family which started production in the 1940s. This G36 version brings the Bonanza into the 21st-century with modern amenities that you may expect on some luxury aircraft,these include USB ports and leather seats as well as a spacious cabin with large windows.
This aircraft also features the brand new Garman G1000 NXI ™️ glass cockpit allowing for less pilot workload and better overall comfort and ease of use. This aircraft can comfortably fit four adults and is equipped with six seats these seats can easily be removed or added to allow for different types of needs such as more cargo. This can be useful for families with multiple kids. This aircraft also has a large cargo area for baggage. This aircraft is also very aerodynamic with its retractable gear and three blade constant speed prop you’ll be gracing through the skies.

Technical Specifications

Useful load 1,213lbs
Maximum Occupancy 6
Maximum range 920nm
Service ceiling 17,500ft
Stall speed 59 kcas
Maximum Cruise Speed 174kts
Takeoff ground roll 1,300ft

Aircraft Dimensions
Length 27ft 6in
Wingspan 33ft 6in
Height 8ft 7in

Cabin Dimensions
Length 12ft 7in
Height 4ft 2in
Width 3ft 6in

Baggage Capacity
Volume 10 cu ft
Weight 70lbs

Range Comparison
I used the Beachcraft range map to compare the range of the bonanza G36 to the Cessna 172SP from my home airport of Addison with 680lbs of passengers and cargo


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Feel free to vote hope to see this plane 🔜

I would be upset if we didn’t get this someday. The bonanza is one of might be my favorite GA plane. I hope to own one someday. You of course have my vote and I hope many more vote for this. Thx form making this request


Also what website do you use for that range map

The range map is on Aircraft range tool for all Textron Aviation aircraft models

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I thought I would make this Topic after I realized we don’t have a single retractable gear piston engine aircraft in infinite flight except the Spitfire and P 38 so why not have a bonanza

Although this isn’t a C182, it’s still an amazing GA aircraft and getting my vote

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That’s crazy how much range that small of a plane has.

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Who like the glass cockpit


That new cockpit looks nice and clean haha

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Do you want to see its range with only two people

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This is the newest version of the Glass Cockpit


Fun fact the airport I’m currently editing F69 airpark Dallas has a few bonanzas based out there

Oops this is actually a Baron cockpit but the new bonanza cockpit is the exact same except with fewer Levers on the Engine control consul

Here are the interior colors personally I like the grey

Such i great plane. We have to get this in the sim

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Let’s get to 10 votes

What variant does Matt Guthmiller fly?

He flew around the world in a A36 but currently I think he has a G36

Most small GA planes have a large range now a days

Depends the 172 range is still very limited even the new 172SP Nav3