Bonanza Air to Air over California Coast

A few months back I did an air to air photoshoot with my brother’s new Bonanza fresh out of the paint shop. We were planning to do this shoot over downtown SF and the Golden Gate Bridge but those areas were fogged in so we ended up doing it along the coast. Planning to do the SF shoot soon so keep your eyes peeled 👀 Enjoy the pics!


holy crap these are beautiful


Absolutely stunning shots and lighting!


Your brother looks like Zach King lol

Amazing shots :D


If these aren’t some of the coolest shots I’ve ever seen then my pilot license is fake. Wow, stunning work!

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Great shots! Stunning!

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Wow wow wow! These are some gorgeous shots! Fantastic work

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Holy crap, those are beautiful!

Might be some of the best air to air shots I have ever seen!

Thank you all for the kind words!

These are amazing!

I genuinely think that you could get these photos on the front cover of an aviation magazine!
Have you tried reaching out to the EAA or AOPA and showing them these pictures?

STUNNING!!! they almost look unreal
great job!!!

This photo flight was actually a collaboration with my friend who’s a writer and photographer for AOPA. Article and her photos are here!

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That’s a nice article. Congratulations!

Looks like she is the one in the co-pilot seat of that bonanza.

Was this from the same photoshoot? Beautiful pictures btw 🤩

Yes that was from the same shoot. Thanks!

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