Bombs found in English airports

Scary stuff from this morning

Suspicious packages found at Heathrow Airport, London City Airport and Waterloo railway station on Tuesday were bombs, police have said.

Counterterror officers are investigating the three devices as “linked” following a series of evacuations earlier today.
Scotland Yard has not ruled out the existence of other bombs, and has issued advice to transport hubs across London “to be vigilant for and report suspicious packages to police”.


While it’s a serious matter thankfully it’s a device which ignited a fire rather than explodes. Im sure the police will catch the culprits pretty quickly.


It is never nice to hear something like that and I’m sure there must be a lot of people who are terrified because of those kind of incidents especially when you’re living in the neighborhood or the city.

We are living in difficult times right now and especially Great Britain has some difficulties which the country is facing, for example the dispute between Northern Ireland and Ireland which is flaming up again now because of Brexit and the fear that there might be a hard border between both countries. Not only that, there is also still a high threat level of terrorist attacks in Europe.

I think it doesn’t matter though for what reason an act like that or a threat like that is committed, it has to be dealt with and justice has to be brought to the individual who committed those crimes, no question.

I’m not sure though if that topic actually belongs to this community as it is not really aviation related besides the fact that one of the threats was at an airport.


Thanks Das! Also it was two airports, Heathrow and London City Airports.

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First drones, now this. sigh Airports truly are big targets.

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Turns out it’s linked back to Ireland which isn’t good. Hopefully it’s just a random idiot doing it and not any groups.

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scary I just saw that on the news:(

There’s been a whole load of problems in London lately with everything that’s going on. Luckily I don’t have to worry about that since my home airport is Manchester which has an excellent safety record

Isn’t bombs kind of a common thing in London?

Bombs in any kind of city is completely abnormal in Europe


Maybe in 1942 not now though.

What world are you living in 😂 they aren’t normal anywhere in the western world. Knife crime is though but that’s about it.


Where’d you get that idea from? 🤔

My grandma.

If bombs are to be a normal thing in a country, I can tell you it would not be in a 1st-world country.

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