Bombardier vs Embraer (Poll)

Since Airbus and Boeing are the top 2 for aircraft manufacturers, I want to see what the thoughts are for Bombardier and Embraer since they are the ones right behind Boeing and Airbus. Which aircraft manufacturer is better? Bombardier or Embraer? I got to go with Bombardier since my dad was the CFO of Bombardier before the stock came down in the late 2,000s [poll]

  • Bombardier
  • Embraer

Bombardier. Gotta love the c series


Mini 787s! Gotta love em!


Bombardier. Can’t go wrong the CRJ’s


It looks like Bombardier is still 100% after 10 votes! 👍🏻👍🏻

Bombardier if they had yokes on the C series. I love the yoke design of the embraers so that’s why.

flown on both. like both series of aircraft. like the E175 but i think the RJ-700 and 900 beat it out barely

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I like Embraer. Idk. It’s like a cool, little company, that makes good quality aircraft.


I prefer Embraer, although Bombardier is not bad.


Bombardier all the way! Their CRJs are just the best regional jets around. And the Q400 is just perfection.

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ERJ190 for me! I love that aircraft

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Well your username does say @DeltaCRJ-900

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Bombardier is the best especially because they make the Dash 8s!


I love the ERJ-190 E2

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These are 2 of my favorite aircraft manufacturers… I get a little teary when I try to pick between them because it’s so hard for me…

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Bombi looks highly classic. Embi looks very modern. That’s why Iike it more.

Bombardier is an amazing company. Their aircraft are stunning.

Embraer, E170’s are the best

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Both are good but bombardier with the mini 787s

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Gotta say Bombardier

I love the Bombardier CS100