Bombardier Leaves Commercial Aircraft Market

I just saw this on the news: Bombardier is selling the CRJ programme to Mitsubishi.


This was Bombardier’s last commercial aircraft series they owned, as they recently sold both the C-Series and the Q-series aircraft programmes to Airbus and De Havilland Canada, respectfully. I personally think this is very sad, as Bombardier aircraft have always had a soft spot in me, due to the frequency with which I fly them.

Mitsubishi currently manufactures their own MRJ series aircraft, and the CRJ programme will add to their portfolio.

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Sad day… Big salute from me to one of my favorite manufacturers.


I think this is old news.

Edit: Confirmed. Date on the article you provided is from last June.

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Well, alright I didn’t see that topic when I looked it up

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Rip CRJs. the first aircraft i flown in FSX and IF Global.

Mitsubishi recently confirmed the acquisition will finalize on June 1, so just less than a month before Bombardier exits the market

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On the bright side, better late than never! 😃

yes, this is about a year old. Hard to believe.