Bombardier Global 8000

Introducing the Bombardier Global 800

Some Notes:

  • The aircraft is not the same as the Global 7000 or Challenger series

  • Thanks for reading my request!


Introduction to the Beauty

The global 8000 is a long range Business Jet manufactured by Bombardier. The Global 800 is one of the fastest and most modern jets in it’s class with superior range and capability’s. The Global 8000 an updated longer version of the Bombardier Global Express. The Global 800 has a capacity of 17 people and 2 GE Passport Engines! The Global’s initial release was in 2017 but with some set backs it will be delivered to costumers in Q1 of 2019. The Global has a range of 7900nm which can go from Los Angelos, USA to Dubai.

Why We Need It In IF

The Global 8000 is a great aircraft and will be amazing in if. Right now we don’t have many private jets, more or less long range private jets. It would be awesome to have a private aircraft to fly from Dubai to Los Angelos or Sydney to San Juan. I would love seeing some more private jets to add to the amazing if fleet.

Quotes about the Bombardier Global 8000

“The Global 8000 aircraft’s remarkable 7,900 nautical mile range connects some of the world’s most expansive city pairings, including routes such as Los Angeles to Dubai, Sydney to Sao Paulo, or Tokyo to San Juan.” - Bombardier

“GE Passport engines, designed specifically for the Global 8000 business jet, power it to a top speed of Mach 0.925 with dependable reliability and improved fuel efficiency.”- Bombardier

“Experience the industry’s most spacious cockpit with the latest Bombardier Vision flight deck on the Global 8000 aircraft. Featuring advanced fly-by-wire technology, superior aesthetics, and equipped with a permanent side-facing jump seat, the Global 8000 jet maximizes crew comfort and efficiency.” - Bombardier

My Opinion On the aircraft

I think this is a great aircraft and should be taken in to consideration. Now I can fly ultra-long haul flights with a smaller business jet! We really don’t have enough business jets at the moment. :/


Almost All Specs Are listed

  • Crew in Cockpit: 2
  • Seating: 17 (Before Modifications)
  • Length: 102 ft. 02 in. (31.2 meters)
  • Wingspan: 104ft. (32.7 meters)
  • Height: 27 ft. 1 in. (8.3 meters)
  • Cabin Height: 6ft. 3in. (1.91 meters)
  • Cabin Width: 8ft. 2in. (2.49 meters)
  • Cabin Length: 45 ft. 7 in. (13.89 meters)
  • Engines: 2 GE Passport Engines
  • Range: 7900nm (14,631 km.)
  • Typical Cruise Speed: Mach .85
  • Fast Cruise Speed: Mach .90
  • Maximum Operational/Cruise Speed: Mach .925
  • MTOW: 104,800 lbs. (47536 kg.)
  • BOW: 54,300 lbs. (24,630 kg.)
  • Fuel Capacity: 48950 lbs. (22203 kg.)
  • Maximum Payload: 5,700 lbs. (2,585 kg.)

Thanks for viewing my feature request! I want to give credit to @George for the template idea and @Chris_S for using his moderation notice. Give me feedback to if you wish! Happy Flying !

Thank you Chris!


Hey it is possible to get a different view angle of the aircraft

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ill get another pic


Amazingly written feature request!


Gorgeous A/C. If I had votes, I would def vote for this


Beatuiful Request. Sleek Looking Plane as well as very long range…I could pull a vote out for this

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Yea, I would love seeing some private jets flying trans continental routes


Awesome request, my friend. Would love to see this.

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It would be nice to have this, but before we get any bombardier aircraft, I would love to have the Gulfstrean Family.

But this is better then a gulfstream

I believe at least

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Yes, currently im looking for a nice private jets, hope we can see this in the future updates😊 :)

Edit: Wait, those windows looks like a bit bigger than similar aircraft?

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Personally preffer the G650ER or G550 but I think another Bizjet is needed so you got my vote.


I guess now you can see everything better

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This is the kind of GA I am imagining everyone wants! I removed a vote from the Citation X Rework for this and I will not let go as this is my fav business jet.

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Commits bump


Voted, really wonderful aircraft!

The aircraft can carry 2 passangers.

Yes it can carry 2 passengers

It is a beautiful aircraft

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