Bombardier: Global 5500/6500 Unveiling

Hello Infinite Flight Community Pilots! Since the release of the Bombardier Cseries aircraft it has been fairly unknown of the next aircraft for Bombardier. Well Bombardier has successfully hidden the fact that they have been redesigning/upgrading their already successful Global 5000/6000 series!

The youtube video is not owned or created by me and is owned by Aviation International News.

About Aircraft:

  • Business Jet
  • Aircraft Ceiling of 51,000ft
  • Range of 5,700-6,600nm being one of leading ranges in the business jet category.
  • Top Speed: M.90/600kts
  • Rolls-Royce Pearl Engine
  • Redesigned interior, new engines, and new winglets to maximize fuel efficiency and passenger comfort.
  • Expected to enter service in 2019

Current Global Aircraft Operators:

  • Vistajet
  • Qatar Amiri Flight
  • HBD Venture Capital
  • Crystal Luxury Air
    And More…

What are your thoughts?
I personally am very interested in seeing how successful the Global 5500/6500 will turn out! I can definitely see a market in the corporate, business, and private sectors of aviation. What do you think about the Global 5500/6500, have you even heard of this aircraft?

Looks more like a LearJet to me.

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Pretty much covered in this topic above.

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Really! I searched a bunch of times for that. Welp Sorry.

51,000 feet, Mach 0.90 impressive