Bombardier Delivers First CS300 To AirBaltic + Speculation of Larger CSeries Jet

Bombardier has delivered the first CS300 to AirBaltic.
This is the first CS300 delivery!
Look how far this program has come in the last year, when it was at a complete standstill and on the verge of being cancelled.
You can track the flight at
The aircraft has just completed a flight from YMX/Montreal-ARN/Stockholm. That’s some long range.

Bombardier has been asked about a larger CSeries jet.
There is some speculation or a larger CSeries aircraft dubbed as the CS500
Bombardier CEO says that it is too early to talk about a larger aircraft. Although he says that Bombardiers request $1-Billion of funding from the federal government could help with the company’s next aircraft development, the company has decided not to share details about the funding or what they plan to do with it.
I’d like to year what you think about a larger CSeries jet.

#Coverage From Google News

Link can be found here.


The flight from Riga to Amsterdam on the first CS-300 is on my birthday

I’d like to year what you think about a larger CSeries jet.
Do you think a CS500 will come in the future?

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